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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


For those who are looking for a led sun simulator of latest generation, Ecoprogetti Solar proposes Ecosun 10L , an advanced machinery that boasts cutting-edge technology and equipped with unique features. As everyone knows, at the production stage and testing it is essential to make a precise and accurate measurement of the performance of a solar panel, so as to improve the quality of the product and thus meet the costumer’s expectations. In this view the sun led simulator Ecosun 10L is strategically important because it allows you to check several parameters with the maximum rigor, primarily the IV curve, ie the electrical characteristic of the photovoltaic modules.

To distinguish led sun simulator Ecosun 10L from the other machinery on the market is led technology. If up to now solar simulators have been made an continue to be made with simple Xenon lamps (similar to photografic flash) that generate a short and powerful pulse, the led sun simulator Ecosun 10L uses various Led color and different wavelengths, managing to create a very realistic solar irradiance. The technology therefore allows to produce a long and stable pulse (up to 5 seconds in duration), to all advantage of the essential factors as the repeatability of the system, the quality of the measurement and the absence of capacitive effects in the measurement itself. The ideal for the latest photovoltaic modules with high efficiency cells and junction boxes with very low loss.



Years of study and planning have took our company to the development of an led sun simulator at the highest level, able to obtain the classification of triple A class according to standard EN60904-9 from TϋV Intercert. A confirmation not only of the excellent technology, but also of the use versatility and compatibility with various other machines included inside a production line for photovoltaic panels. In this regard, is worth reporting management software with SQL database to store the details of each measure and track the chain of instrument calibration. A machine complete in every respect, that allows you to test up to 20 modules per minute. Get an offer right away at no cost!

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