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Ecoprogetti Introduces Higher-througput 2-Lane Solar Cell Stringing Platform For High-Efficiency Cells
September 5, 2017
ECOPROGETTI supplies the 1st PV-Module Production line in INDONESIA
September 18, 2017



Emerging Solar Markets and their desire for solar self-sufficiency

PV Magazine’s article on prominent European providers in Emergin Markets

As solar PV becomes more accessible and affordable across the globe, more nations are turning to local PV manufacturing in a bid to stimulate the development of their renewable energy markets.
Many governments around the world are looking for new ways to avoid a complete reliance on solar imports. This desire for solar self-sufficiency, leads to policy and regulatory efforts aimed at fostering a self-sustaining domestic market. Joining the PV module production sector at a later stage gives these rising module manufacturing regions the opportunity to immediately invest in optimal and state-of-the-art solutions.


 A small production line (such as 20MW) in any emerging solar market can easily achieve a short production time per module, which can compete with the big manufacturing lines. In the competition on the minute/module level, what makes the difference are the logistic costs and the local import taxes for the raw materials  

confirms Laura Sartore.

Just a few years ago the broad tendency was to start with a production capacity of 20-40 MW per year, while now the minimum starting point tends to be 100MW.
The future is positive for these emerging markets and Ecoprogetti is providing accessible, affordable and flexible solutions aimed at fostering self-sustaining domestic markets.


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