Strengthening the BIPV revolution: Ecoprogetti's partnership with SOLTECH NV - ECOPROGETTI - Specialist in photovoltaic production process

Driving BIPV innovation: Ecoprogetti's collaboration with SOLTECH

Exploring the future of solar technology in Genk, Belgium' headquarters

In the first image, from left to right: our sales office manager Sofia Poletto, our CEO Laura Sartore and Soltech’s Product Development Manager Stefan Dewallef. In the second image on the left: our CTO Mechanical Eugenio Gonzato.

Ecoprogetti’s recent visit to SOLTECH NV headquarters in Genk, Belgium, unveils an innovation-oriented partnership in the solar sector. Thanks to SOLTECH NV’s long experience in solar panel technology since 1989 and Ecoprogetti’s commitment to pushing the limits, the collaboration is poised to bring significant innovations to the sector.

SOLTECH NV distinguishes itself by specializing in customized panel production rather than standard manufacturing, adding aesthetic value to buildings and offering tailored solutions for autonomous photovoltaic systems. Their functional research and development laboratory ensures continuous technological advancement, utilizing M10 full and half-cut technology for their projects.

An exemplary project is the OFFSHORE FLOATING SOLAR SYSTEM FOR BELGIAN NORTH SEA, showcasing SOLTECH NV’s innovative approach to offshore solar application. With Ecoprogetti’s contribution of a versatile stringer machine, specifically designed for customized panel production, this partnership solidifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of BIPV innovation.

This collaboration underscores Ecoprogetti and SOLTECH NV’s dedication to advancing sustainability and efficiency in the solar industry, setting new standards for the future.

Ecoprogetti is proud to partner with SOLTECH NV in their mission to deliver cutting-edge BIPV solutions. SOLTECH NV’s focus on customized panel production, combined with Ecoprogetti’s versatile stringer machine, exemplifies their commitment to innovation and excellence in the solar sector.

Together, we’re pushing the BIPV sector towards new heights.