Ecoprogetti is "Manufacturing Line Setup" Gold Award Winner 2018 - ECOPROGETTI - Specialist in photovoltaic production process
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August 16, 2018
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August 27, 2018

Published: 17/08/2018

Ecoprogetti is “Manufacturing Line Setup” Gold Award Winner 2018 in India

Ecoprogetti has won a Gold award for Business Excellence & Leadership in Indian Solar PV Module Industry in the category “Manufacturing line setup” at The Solar PV ModuleTECH event that took place in August 2018 in India. The exhibition hosted 30 exhibitors and 30 experts of the industry (Waree, Saatvik Green Energy, Adani, Jinko Solar, DuPont, Longi, and others) presenting their latest solar energy solutions to nearly 300 visitors looking for new solutions.
Mr Rajen Shah, Ecoprogetti’s Managing Director India was present at the award ceremony, where Solar PV ModuleTech India has handed the Business Excellence Awards to the winners.

This was a great pleasure for us in Ecoprogetti and our gratitude goes to all our customers that have supported our work through all these years, Thank you!

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“Ecoprogetti’s expertise in the development of flexible, innovative and easy to use PV module production solutions as well as the constant and thorough support service have been decisive in the growth of the company as well as the success of its clients. In over 20 years in the Photovoltaic Industry Ecoprogetti has gathered a great deal of knowledge and experience of the PV production process, this led to the creation of new, innovative solutions which have enabled Ecoprogetti to stay ahead of the competition, even in this rapidly growing market.”


Read the articole on Solar PV ModuleTech


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