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February 23, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Published: 26/02/2018

Ecoprogetti launches the new “ 300MW GLOBAL line”

Ecoprogetti is proud to announce the launch of its New 300MW Global PV production line, which is the latest solution for newcomers that want to invest in the Solar business. The line is not limited to just manufacturing equipment supply, but Ecoprogetti includes also the “Global service pack” that consists of special services and items required for the new factory

The PV production line is a complete fully automatic line that can manufacture PV panels of any kind, suitable for all the next generation of module concepts such as Bifacial, dual glass, flexible Glass-less modules, BIPV, Busbar-less cell interconnection, half-cut and shingled cells, which are all highly demanded among new market entrants. The goal was to provide a module assembly line of optimal flexibility and simplicity that can keep pace with the technological changes, coupled with the Global service pack to give great benefit to the business.

The global solar revolution is certainly underway and in the last period Ecoprogetti has recognized that the landscape for PV looks at present dominated by very big and mostly Chinese module manufacturers which own a large market share and generate a very tough competition against European module producers. The real challenge for European and small-medium sized module producer companies and for newcomers in the solar business is to understand how to be competitive against those Chinese module suppliers and to achieve not only good price levels to be attractive for the market but also keep high quality European standard product.

Today, with over 30 years of experience across the whole photovoltaic production cycle, Ecoprogetti can reduce the ramp-up time and the start-up costs for their customers with a wide range of services that are not limited to the sole manufacturing equipment. The 300MW Global line includes a pack of services for investors that want to join the solar industry, increasing cost-effectiveness and providing a great advantage to their business.

At present many newcomers in the PV industry choose to enter with a “long history” partner, as the company Ecoprogetti, that is capable to support them not only with the latest equipment technologies but also in the manufacturing process and in the knowledge of the full PV chain and PV market approach. This choice allows the newcomers in the PV market to be competitive with the newest solutions and products, without bearing directly the learning costs and entrance times to a new market, but cutting down the operating risks and speeding up extremely the time-to-market of the newcomer in the Solar market, and of course increasing the possibilities of short-term success of the new investment.

Have a look at our NEW 300MW Global line and Global service pack.


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