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Ecoprogetti wins 250 MW PV production line in Vietnam

Published: 22/02/2018


Ecoprogetti wins 250 MW PV production line in Vietnam.

The manufacturing line can produce 130 modules/hour, considering 99% yield. The line will produce glass-backsheet (GB) modules based on the standard solar cells with 5-6 bus bars, even though the manufacturing line has the capability to produce glass-glass (GG) modules, but it depends on whether the company chooses to manufacture them.
In 2018 Ecoprogetti will finalize even more COMPLETE TURNKEY PRODUCTION LINES in the South-East Asian market!
With over 30 years of experience Ecoprogetti has been delivering the right level of automation to each different emerging country, providing solutions tailored on the local’s needs.

Have a look at PV Magazine’s article.


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