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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


Companies working on the production of photovoltaic modules and aftermarket equipment have a new ally. The name is ECOLAB EL and assures quality analysis of new or worn photovoltaic modules through electroluminescence tests. A special machine called electroluminescence tester can recognize in real-time cell breakage, surface cracks and fissures of a few tenths of a millimetre. The test not only highlights damages that would otherwise remain invisible to the naked eye but allows you to identify issues of welding, humidity and more.

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The main goal of the electroluminescence test for the solar panels is to raise the quality standards of the production line and/or, later, of the customer service. In the first case, the machine completes the manufacturing process of the modules, perfectly integrated with the assembly operations. In the case of the assistance, the same machinery increases the efficiency of the analyses performed by the staff.

Strengths of the electroluminescence test for solar panels are, among others, the accuracy and flexibility allowed by this technology. The high resolution offered by the cameras ensures a targeted and at the same time fast control, which optimizes the performance of the line in terms of quality and efficiency. In terms of flexibility, we remember the possibility to use the electroluminescence test not only for full photovoltaic panels but also with individual cells or not yet rolled strings. The advantage is to make the most of what you handle, with less waste and fewer problems in the later sale and use of the product. An intelligent, modern and professional way to give more value to solutions and services offered.


Ecoprogetti’s R&D centre developed a Neural Network Software for the EL tester. It learns which are the good solar cells and the bad ones of a Solar panel and automatically gives a report on the quality of the panel. This software is customizable by the client and it can be configured based on the rating terms previously given by the “Quality Expert” of the production line.

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Ecolab EL-HR and Ecolabel EL are the two electroluminescence testers realized by Ecoprogetti. The first is a version with high resolution and automation, ideal for analysis and detailed studies, with automatic loading and support of the test before and after lamination. The second is an entry-level solution for fast and medium resolution testing, dedicated to the production with a high ROI. Both are in addition to the wide range of solutions for test developed to improve the performance of a production line. Among these we find:

Ecoprogetti also offers its customers a unique PST product traceability system (MES), an essential instrument for anyone who intends to supervise and monitor the components used in the creation of each module. Call us now for more information!

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