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Solar module quality control before and after sale
October 28, 2016
Solar panel production equipment and machinery
October 28, 2016


PV module production does not end with the manufacture of the single panel but continues with the testing procedure. This second phase has a crucial importance since it allows to control not only the characteristics of the module (from the maximum voltage to the Fill Factor) but also any manufacturing defects. The PV module testing procedure is nothing other than a quality upstream control of sale, essential for any company that means to offer the market a competitive and reliable product. The main defects likely to be found are multiple and include accidental fracturing of photovoltaic cells, with cracks of even a few millimetres, which affect the performance of the whole module, the degradation due to the induced potential (P.I.D. effect), and also the delamination of encapsulating polymer due to poor prime material quality.

Specifically, among the activities for the measurement and testing of the modules we find:

  • Electroluminescence test: one of the most important test of all, necessary to identify otherwise invisible defects such as micro cracks and possible welding problems and moisture effect;
  • Hi-pot and insulation Test: developed to comply with the IEC 61215/61730 and check the modules electrical insulation;
  • I-V curve measurement: is performed in the standard irradiation conditions (STC) and allows to analyse in post selling the power loss of the installed modules or measurements taken by the client;
  • Gel Content Test Kit: the classic chemical test on the laminate module for the measurement of the gel percentage achieved by EVA.

The equipment for testing are often included in our Turnkey production lines.


As we have seen in several articles, such as Solar module quality control, the PV module testing procedure ensures several advantages, both in optical of selling both during maintenance. We recall for example the overcoming of industry regulations and therefore the achievement of the relative certification, the reduction of costs for withdrawal defective goods or repairs in warranty coverage, the elongation of system life, the best performance even at a distance of years… Advantages which result in greater efficiency and greater safety for the customer. For any requests Ecoprogetti provides personalized advice, rental service of test equipment and mobile testing truckthroughout Veneto and north-east. Contact us for more information!

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