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The journalists of the historic newspaper “la Repubblica” talk to Ecoprogetti to learn more about this all-Italian company, the only one in Europe to create complete production lines for assembling and testing photovoltaic panels.

We report below the article also published on la Repubblica.

The production excellence of photovoltaic

Ecoprogetti offers completely Italian excellence with machines designed, assembled and manufactured together with the software on the national territory. They are then shipped around the world in order to locally produce state-of-the-art solar panels. A philosophy aimed at making green parity possible, allowing companies that rely on the services of the Italian company to produce panels in their own country, without having to import them from abroad.

This year Ecoprogetti celebrates its 25 years of activity, and is today led by the CEO Laura Sartore, daughter of the founder Domenico Sartore, pioneer of the photovoltaic sector in Europe. During its years of operation, the reality has come to produce over 23 gigawatts of production lines worldwide today.

At every stage of the production process, Ecoprogetti offers the best automation and quality solution, which also includes complete training for the customer and typically Italian technical support.
The company team, in fact, thanks to its Sales & Service offices spread around the world, is able to effectively support customers, listening to their every need and creating long-standing partnerships.

The company stands out for its ability to create customized machines dedicated to panels which are also designed for the specific needs of the client. Among the various possibilities: photovoltaic tiles, utility scale panels, ie large-sized and high-efficiency panels, or smaller-sized systems, for example with 60 or 120 cells. Ecoprogetti also works with Bipv – Building integrated photovoltaics, an integrated photovoltaic system that replaces structural parts of the building on which it is integrated. We are therefore talking about solar panels that become the roof itself, made of glass-glass and which therefore allow the passage of light, or even entire facades made up of panels. Other possibilities are floating photovoltaics or agrivoltaics for powering greenhouses, as well as double-sided panels, equipped with a more efficient front and one on the back with obviously reduced efficiency, but still capable of producing energy.

Ecoprogetti also offers support with regard to certification processes, in order to speed up and simplify processes for its customers. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, the company is a true landmark in the photovoltaic industry. Having primarily been a manufacturer of solar panels, the company is able to understand the cost and complexity of production stops, and for this reason it works with a view to simplifying the production process as much as possible. Ecoprogetti’s production lines today are able to guarantee up to 100 panels per hour with a power ranging from 450 to 650 watts. A single supplier able to take care of all the automation and technology of the photovoltaic panel production line.


Strategic technical consultancy and valuable know-how.
Photovoltaic panel manufacturers who turn to Ecoprogetti do so with various objectives: to improve production, by increasing the number of panels made in an hour, or to make it more efficient through the use of different raw materials, for example for transparent glass-glass panels or double sided. The company then helps its customers in the early startup period, ramping up production and helping them reach Cycle Time.

The strategic advice and support provided by Ecoprogetti is possible thanks to the experience that the company has built up over 25 years of projects. The reality was in fact founded in 1998 by Domenico Sartore, pioneer of the photovoltaic industry not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. Initially the entrepreneur dedicated himself to the production of polysilicon, to then follow each step aimed at giving life to a company today specialized in the design and assembly of production and quality control machines for photovoltaic modules. Ecoprogetti therefore developed in a period in which the sector of interest was not yet in a moment of boom like the current one.

Over the years, the company has acquired comprehensive know-how on the entire photovoltaic process, which has allowed it to work with the major manufacturers in the sector worldwide. The vast experience in planning, assistance and experimentation allows Ecoprogetti to offer a very precise and punctual service, appreciated in all countries.

Thanks to its experience, the company works with the major producers in the sector worldwide

Increasing production The goal for the future
Ecoprogetti has experienced exponential growth, also due to the strongly positive moment for the international market.
The photovoltaic boom has been going on for about ten years now, and especially in the last five years it has experienced a sharp increase in requests.
A trend also fueled by the current energy issue and by the crisis further aggravated by the conflict in Ukraine, which has led not only private individuals to want to be more independent, but also the states themselves, which increasingly rely on large-scale utility plants size.

As far as Ecoprogetti’s future projects are concerned, the prospects are to continue with the growth phase.
In the last four years, the Italian company has in fact experienced a strong boom in the United States and in Europe. The aim is therefore to further expand the production capacity, to respond effectively to the requests of international customers. At the moment the company builds two gigawatts of production lines every year, and the goal is precisely to get to three or even four gigawatts per year. With the growth and expansion of the solar market, Ecoprogetti is able to set new standards in the sector.