More than 1GW of stringer machines - ECOPROGETTI - Specialist in photovoltaic production process
Electroluminescence test for the production of solar panel
October 28, 2016
Opening Ceremony of the 40 MW production line at Central Electronics Limited
October 28, 2016

More than 1 GW of stringer machines installed in India

India remains one of the most interesting markets for the PV industry and new opportunities will be at the door also during 2015. Ecoprogetti believes in this market and in the last 4 years the company hasinstalled more than 1GW of stringer machines in India.

In other words, this means that Ecoprogetti has more than 50 stringer machines running with different configuration and integration.

Ecoprogetti is positive to double this value in the next coming 2 years.

What do you think about this market?

The solar cells are in continuous evolution with increased efficiency, reduced cost, bifacial technology, multiple bus bar etc.. etc… So is very important to maintain updated the PV module production process in order to have the possibility to work with the latest raw material available on the market.

The soldering of the solar cells is the first important step for the production of high quality solar modules.

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