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May 9, 2019
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July 8, 2019

Published: 19/06/2019


In an industrial reality, medium and large companies could take advantage of the automatization of some steps of the production processes. Ecoprogetti supports the use of well engineered automatic machinery which can perform independently from technical operators, that would simply need to supervise the manufacturing process.


A New Generation of High-Speed Automatic Bussing, for fully automatic soldering of the interconnections between the strings of solar cells.

This machine is designed with a high-performance induction soldering system for the highest ribbon soldering quality and precision, optical controls and fully automatic raw material preparation units:

Main Features:

  • Cycle time: less than 30sec
  • Suitable for 5-6-12 BB or Wires
  • Upgraded to work with panels of 60 to 72 cells
  • Can manage a 300MW/year production line
  • Induction soldering system to rapidly heat site-specific areas


The fully automatic solution for the framing of PV panels. This framing island can work with silicone/bicomponent/tape accordingly to the type of panel to be produced.

A 6 axis robot handles rapidly and efficiently the frames from the silicon area to the framing area.

Main Features:

  • Cycle time: less than 30sec
  • Suitable for: Glass+Glass or Glass+Backsheet
  • Automatic silicon dispensing, locking and crimping
  • 6 axis robot integrated
  • Suitable for Silicone/Bicomponent/Tape

ETS 2500

The latest and most flexible tabber-stringer machine from Ecoprogetti with a throughput of 2500 cells/hour!

Its soldering system can be Ecoprogetti’s patented system or InfraRed soldering system allows the ETS2500 to perform welding at great speed and with excellent quality. The solar cells are processed “sunny side up”.  An XY robot together with a high precision imaging system ensures exact cell placement with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Main Features:

  • Higher throughput: 2500 cells/hour
  • Possibility to solder cells with Ecoprogetti’s Patented system or InfraRed System
  • Reduced mechanical vibrations
  • Simplified cell basket load/unload
  • Suitable for cells from 156x156mm to 164x164mm
  • Faster and Easier change of BB number
  • Z-bending integrated
  • Suitable for all market available Solar Cells
  • Reduced maintenance need


Ecoprogetti’s ECOSUN Bifacial is a lED sun simulator designed to simultaneously test both sides of a bifacial module. The test is carried out in one step, with no need to move or flip the panel nor to repeat the operation.

Specifically designed to test in the most efficient way the latest generation of Bifacial panels, it remains an excellent solution for the testing of all the other market available solar cells and panels.

Main Features:

  • Very accurate Sun simulator
  • Light source: LED (Certified TÜV in A+A+A++ Class)
  • Double light source
  • No recharging time needed between the tests
  • Extended Spectrum 300-1200 nm, Compliant to IEC Ed.3
  • Pulse duration: from 100ms to 5 seconds
  • No capacitive effects with high efficiency cells

With over 30 years of experience in the photovoltaic business, Ecoprogetti remains committed to providing innovative and reliable production and testing solutions for photovoltaic panels. 

You can contact us by email or phone, we will reply with all the required information, take advantage now!

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