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February 20, 2024

Strengthening the BIPV revolution: Ecoprogetti’s partnership with SOLTECH NV

Driving BIPV innovation: Ecoprogetti’s collaboration with SOLTECH Exploring the future of solar technology in Genk, Belgium’ headquarters In the first image, from left to right: our sales office manager Sofia Poletto, our CEO Laura Sartore and Soltech’s Product Development Manager Stefan Dewallef. In the second image on the left: our CTO Mechanical Eugenio Gonzato. Ecoprogetti’s recent visit to SOLTECH NV headquarters in Genk, Belgium, unveils an innovation-oriented partnership in the […]
February 12, 2024
Cover solar panel equipment manufacturers

What do photovoltaic panel machinery manufacturers offer?

February 12, 2024
Cover Most common solar panel problems

The Most Common Problems with Photovoltaic Panels (and How to Solve Them)

February 12, 2024
Cover Automation of PV panel soldering

Automation of Photovoltaic Panel Soldering (Bussing): How Does It Work?

February 2, 2024
Cover Manufacturing Process of Solar panels

Manufacturing Process of Photovoltaic Panels

November 29, 2023

Ecoprogetti joins the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC)

Ecoprogetti joins the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) But what exactly is ESMC and what is its purpose? ESMC’s mission aligns with our goals: to foster growth and innovation, support policy development, and enhance collaboration between industry leaders. In a world where sustainable energy solutions are becoming increasingly crucial, Ecoprogetti Srl has taken a significant step forward by becoming a member of the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC). ADDRESSING REAL […]
September 21, 2023

Ecoprogetti installs the 1st Production line for PV panels of Serbia

THE FIRST PV PANEL PRODUCTION LINE IN VELIKA PLANA, SERBIA ECOPROGETTI DELIVERS 150MW/Year SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION LINE TO DOMI EKO IN SERBIA. In a significant step forward for Serbia’s green energy transition, Ecoprogetti has successfully delivered the first solar panel production line in Velika Plana, Serbia. This installation boasts a production line for photovoltaic panels with a capacity exceeding 150 MW annually. Focused predominantly on the local market, Domi Eko’s […]
August 28, 2023

Steady State LED Sun Simulator

Ecoprogetti Unveils Steady State LED Sun Simulator: A New Dawn in Steady-State Solar Technology for the Next Generation of Solar Cells. ECOSUN STEADY STATE Designed to meet the needs of both research labs and manufacturing, this Steady-state LED Sun simulator sets new standards for quality, durability, and efficiency. The Ecosun Steady State offers an exposure time of more than 72 hours that paves the way for testing Perovskite, tandem cells, […]
March 6, 2023

La Repubblica Ecoprogetti manufacturing excellence for photovoltaics

THE PRODUCTION EXCELLENCE OF PHOTOVOLTAIC PUBLISHED IN LA REPUBBLICA ON MARCH 4, 2023 ECOPROGETTI IS ALSO PUBLISHED ON “LA REPUBBLICA” The journalists of the historic newspaper “la Repubblica” talk to Ecoprogetti to learn more about this all-Italian company, the only one in Europe to create complete production lines for assembling and testing photovoltaic panels. We report below the article also published on la Repubblica. The production excellence of photovoltaic Ecoprogetti offers […]
October 10, 2022

Top Selling Solar Module Equipment Award 2022

SOLARQUARTER CUSTOMER’S CHOICE AWARDS 2022 – INDIA PUBLISHED ON SOLARQUARTER.COM ON THE 28.09.2022 ECOPROGETTI RECEIVES “TOP SELLING SOLAR PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT” AWARD This business seal of excellence represents the quality, loyalty and trust of our customers earned over the years. Only the finest solar products and services gained the prestigious recognition for business excellence, brand reputation and customer satisfaction for the quality of their services, products, value, professionalism, and integrity on […]
September 13, 2022

EasyEngineering Interview with Ecoprogetti

INTERVIEW WITH ECOPROGETTI PUBLISHED ON EASY ENGINEERING.EU ON THE 13.09.2022 INTERVIEW WITH ECOPROGETTI Ecoprogetti is the only 100% European company specialized in the design and assembly of complete production lines for solar panels. The company was born 25 years ago and since then it consistently brought easy to use, modular and flexible production and testing technologies to the solar market. Interview with Michele Caddeo, Marketing Manager at Ecoprogetti. Easy Engineering: […]
July 27, 2022

Ecoprogetti in Il Sole 24 Ore

ECOPROGETTI E’ SU “IL SOLE 24 ORE” 24 PUBLIMEDIA GROUP RIPORTIAMO QUI L’ARTICOLO In risposta al Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) e al caro bollette; Ecoprogetti propone le sue linee di produzione per l’assemblaggio di pannelli solari unici e ad alta efficienza. Ecoprogetti Srl è l’unica azienda in italia e in Europa specializzata nella fornitura di linee di produzione complete per la produzione e la verifica della qualità […]

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