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November 7, 2017

Ecoprogetti installs 200 MW PV production line in the Philippines

  Published: 27/10/2017   Ecoprogetti installs 200 MW PV production line in the Philippines. Specialist in PV Production Process, Ecoprogetti, is entering the South-Eastern Asian market with more COMPLETE TURNKEY PRODUCTION LINES! With 30 years of experience Ecoprogetti has been delivering the right level of automation to each different emerging country, providing solutions tailored on the local’s needs.   Have a look at PV Magazine’s article.    
September 18, 2017

ECOPROGETTI supplies the 1st PV-Module Production line in INDONESIA

  Published: 18/09/2017   Ecoprogetti, signed an order for a 20 MW fully automatic production line in Indonesia Ecoprogetti’s team is proud to announce the delivery of the first 20MW automatic module production line to Indonesia! The line will be installed in the area of Jakarta with the purpose of serving the local Indonesian communities. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience Ecoprogetti is able to suggest and supply […]
September 15, 2017

Ecoprogetti and PV Magazine on Emerging Solar Markets

  Emerging Solar Markets and their desire for solar self-sufficiency PV Magazine’s article on prominent European providers in Emergin Markets As solar PV becomes more accessible and affordable across the globe, more nations are turning to local PV manufacturing in a bid to stimulate the development of their renewable energy markets. Many governments around the world are looking for new ways to avoid a complete reliance on solar imports. This […]
September 5, 2017

Ecoprogetti Introduces Higher-througput 2-Lane Solar Cell Stringing Platform For High-Efficiency Cells

  Ecoprogetti has introduced a new combined tabber and stringer model ETS1800 for fast interconnection of high efficiency cells. Ecoprogetti Srl has developed a new combined tabber and stringer (CTS) tool called ETS1800, which is wrapped with several advanced features. The Italian production equipment maker has put major emphasis on interconnecting high efficiency cell concepts, such as heterojunction, bifacial, PERC, on top of standard mono and multicrystalline cells. Other important […]
July 6, 2017

“What makes Ecoprogetti the leading company in the Photovoltaic Production Process”.

Rajen Shah, Ecoprogetti’s Managing Director India (2017, July).  Rajen Shah, our great Managing Director for India had a Q&A interview with Saur Energy International Magazine. The Managing director talked about our core values: Flexibility, Simplicity and Modularity ; The reasons behind our success worldwide and in India in particular; Which services and training do we offer to our customers and much more in this amazing interview. Have a look on Saur […]
February 6, 2017

Ecoprogetti 60MW line, first PV-module manufacturing line installed in North East of Brazil

The 3rd February was inaugurated the 60MW line in Pure Energy, the first PV module manufacturing company in the North-East of Brazil. We are are always very happy to give support to our customers. Domenico Sartore, CEO of Ecoprogetti, was there to assist the production of the first PV module made in Pure Energy. Here the video:
December 13, 2016

High-efficiency stringer machine ETS1800 – New publication!

NEW ARTICLE ABOUT OUR HIGH-EFFICIENCY STRINGER MACHINE ETS1800 Our new high-efficiency solar cell stringer machine ETS1800 is the most compact solution in the market! Discover what Taiyangnews wrote about it! Click here to read the article!
October 28, 2016

Sun simulator for solar panel testing in LED class A+A+A++

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE LED SUN SIMULATOR ECOSUN PLUS The LED Sun simulator for solar panel testing proposed by Ecoprogetti is called Ecosun Plus and has been designed to perform, in a semi-automatic mode, accurate quality tests based on artificial irradiation and therefore the reproduction of the standard condition in which the module works(STC): module temperature of 25°C, irradiation level of 1200 W/m² and spectrum equivalent to the value of […]
October 28, 2016

Solar panel production equipment and machinery

  Solar panel production equipment and machinery EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION Nowadays the solar panels production equipment is divided into the following required machinery and accessories. The first run automated processes are the stringing and lamination, but also the analysis of quality as electroluminescence tests. These and other procedures are indispensable for the correct manufacture of the module in each component. The accessories are designed order to help […]
October 28, 2016

Focus on: PV module testing procedure

HOW TO PERFORM A PV MODULE TESTING PROCEDURE PV module production does not end with the manufacture of the single panel but continues with the testing procedure. This second phase has a crucial importance since it allows to control not only the characteristics of the module (from the maximum voltage to the Fill Factor) but also any manufacturing defects. The PV module testing procedure is nothing other than a quality […]
October 28, 2016

Solar module quality control before and after sale

HOW TO CONTROL SOLAR MODULE QUALITY BEFORE AND AFTER Solar module quality control is done according to two approaches: in the process of realization and in post sale. The first approach is adopted by the manufacturers and consists of a series of checks on the characteristics of the entire module and / or of the individual strings of cells. Installers and end users instead use the second one, namely the […]
October 28, 2016

Pv module inspection with Ecosun 10L

THE CURVE I-V SIZE FOR THE PV MODULE INSPECTION The PV module inspection is strategic for both the manufacturer and for end customer. Being aware of characteristics such as maximum power, current and the maximum voltage, the Fill Factor and others, means in fact identifying weaknesses of modules already in the production phase. The proper analysis and rating allows you to predict the behavior of the module when it will […]

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