What do photovoltaic equipment manufacturers offer?
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Solar equipment manufacturers, what do they offer?

Often, companies and entrepreneurs seeking photovoltaic panel machinery manufacturers are unsure about the services to expect and what they can obtain from their supplier. These manufacturers provide their customers with a range of services related to the design of individual machines or photovoltaic production lines, which are systems for manufacturing modules.

The buyer will have the option to rely on the chosen manufacturer solely for the supply of machinery. However, it is clear that many, especially in the beginning, require more of a "turnkey package". This package may include aspects such as the design of the production line, assistance during the line's startup, or support for panel certifications.

Based on our experience spanning over two decades (we have been in business since 1998), we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the main services we offer as photovoltaic panel machinery manufacturers. Let's begin with the quintessential service, the development and realization of machinery.

Designing machinery for photovoltaic panels

Design of solar panel
The design of machinery for photovoltaic panels undoubtedly represents the core business of our company. We listen to the customer's needs, assess the size of the warehouse, analyze the type of panels to be produced, and only then do we formulate our proposal for the supply of machinery or entire production lines. Each machine is dedicated to managing a particular phase of the production process and is configurable and customizable in its multiple functionalities, consistently delivering results that meet expectations.

Installation & Start-Up of the plant

Once the photovoltaic panel production plant is constructed, it needs to be installed on-site and initiated. This procedure, quite delicate, is handled by the company that built the plant. Indeed, a flawless understanding of the machinery is crucial for the perfect configuration of production parameters. Incorrect settings, whether too low or too high, could result in reduced production or, conversely, premature wear and tear of the machinery in use.

Training of Production Process

Proper management of the production process requires mastery not only of the machinery on the line but also of the raw materials used to produce the panels. Ecoprogetti assists its customers in selecting the most suitable raw materials for the production of specific photovoltaic panels. Raw materials inevitably change over the years, with obvious consequences in terms of production adaptation. Ecoprogetti also supports customers in terms of staff training, transferring the know-how acquired over the years to ensure a production standard that keeps pace with the times.

Testing of photovoltaic modules

Solar Panel Testing
Upon request, our photovoltaic module production lines can host one or more testing machines aimed at verifying the quality the newly produced panel in real-time. This is a valuable contribution, essential for improving production while maintaining our standards. Various complementary tests are conducted by our machines, including:
  • Simulation of sunlight to determine the actual efficiency of the photovoltaic panel and, consequently, the cost of the panel (€/W).
  • Electroluminescence testing (Enabling to see any issue with the material, cracks, bad connections and so on…).
  • Hi-pot testing (electrical insulation testing).
  • In addition to these tests, we also perform on-field verification of photovoltaic modules, where our experts visit the site to assess the performance of installed systems and the actual yield of the panels.

Procurement of raw materials

Procuring the raw materials for photovoltaic panels is an essential step in maintaining continuous production. Delays in delivery or a batch of contaminated silicon can lead to production stoppages and significant economic losses. For this reason, at Ecoprogetti, we are available to assist the customer by acting as intermediaries, recommending reliable suppliers capable of providing certified raw materials. Our continuous selection ensures a wide and advantageous range of alternatives, both in Italy and around the world.

After-sales support and remote assistance

After-sales support
Our after-sales support and remote assistance service have their roots in our previous experience as photovoltaic panel manufacturers. Aware of the significant costs associated with a forced production stoppage, we have equipped our machinery with Ethernet connections capable of providing us with real-time data both on-site and remotely. This ensures targeted supervision throughout the year and for any unexpected events, including the possibility of having a production manager on-site for an agreed production period.

Certification Support

What sets us apart from other equipment manufacturers is also our knowledge and expertise in certification. We are equipped to assist our customers in the panel certification process (IEC 61215 and 61730), helping them with the selection of raw materials, the organization of space in certified laboratories, and even producing panels for certification (manufactured with the customer’s newly installed line). We also provide support in preparing the necessary documentation. If you would like more information on the production of machinery for photovoltaic panels, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. One of our experts will provide you with the answers you are looking for: put us to the test!

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