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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


Generally speaking, photovoltaic modules are produced by the use of automated equipment, and each one is designed for a specific function in the photovoltaic module manufacturing process. Therefore we are talking about serial or in-line machines, as production follows the same method as an assembly line. From assembling the photovoltaic cells to finishing the complete module, each phase is scrupulously carried out by a specific machine.

Our engineers design and develop manufacturing equipment for line production of photovoltaic modules or as freestanding units. Study, research and experience are all strongpoints of the Ecoprogetti srl team: for more than 25 years the most professional resources have been dedicated to this field, cooperating with the partner firm Ambra Sol to offer the customer an excellent service. There are four main machine types offered by Ecoprogetti srl:

  1. Tabber & Stringer
    This series of machines assembles and welds the photovoltaic cells together, reducing performance, endurance and resistance loss to a minimum; machines are also available which, after joining the cells, place them automatically onto the glass to speed up and optimise the entire process.
  2. Laminators
    The solar laminator machine is the equipment which permits the polymerization process of the encapsulation material.
  3. Framing and Automation
    A series of machines for finishing the module.. After this phase the photovoltaic module is ready for testing and installation.
  4. Module Testing
    This product category includes a wide range of machines and accessories for testing the quality and perfect performance of the photovoltaic modules both before sales and even years after they have been installed.


Our photovoltaic module manufacturing equipment are the result of our research and experience, but above all of our ongoing consultation with our customers. This means the product is specifically made-to-measure to their requests and needs, assuring a very flexible operating method when defining the order and during the production process. With Ecoprogetti srl machines a very efficient production of photovoltaic modules can be rapidly installed.

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  1. arman says:

    good day
    very interesting
    i am from South Africa.i am an electrical engineer. i am looking ti atart a pv panels manufacturing business. how can you assist me with the process?
    warm regards

  2. Dear Sir, Please provide technical details & prices of machines required for setting up a 15MWpsemiautometic PV Module manufacturing plant.

  3. Sakthivadivel Easwaramoorthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in UK, i am planning to start PV module production in india with my brother. I want to understand few things, availability of machine in india, process and supply lines for source materials.

    Could you please share some details or contacts/pointers to get more idea on it.


  4. Abdel Hamid says:

    Please provide technical detail and prices for lines machines to manufacturing Photovoltaic cells for solar system.

    I like to start a company in USA

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