Podcast talk on engineering and automation for BIPV - ECOPROGETTI - Specialist in photovoltaic production process
Production ambitions, interview with PV Magazine
April 28, 2020
New Production line in Bahrain
February 1, 2021

Bill Nussey (founder of the Freeing Energy Project) and Laura Sartore (CEO of Ecoprogetti) talk about BIPV and Ecoprogetti’s history.

Bill: “What happens when we ditch panels and let our roofs, walls, and windows make affordable solar directly?”
That’s the title that gave birth to this beautiful meeting between the two, which started with the arrival of Mr. Nussey to Ecoprogetti’s facility in Carmignano di Brenta, Italy.

Listen to the podcast published by Freeing Energy Project.

Listen in as Laura Sartore, the CEO of Italian module equipment firm, Ecoprogetti, shares how her firm is blending engineering, aesthetics, and automation for BIPV. Her firm is revolutionizing local energy, not just by making solar power beautiful and affordable at the same time, but also making equipment that is designed to let companies manufacture solar panels in their own regions and countries everywhere in the world.

APRIL 27, 2020

The PV panels of the La Seine Musicale, built in Paris,  are made with Ecoprogetti’s machines by the company ISSOL architecture BIPV.

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