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Automatic Bussing


Automatic soldering of the interconnections between the strings, including automatic loading/unloading, centering of the panel and ribbon placing. The soldering of the head connection is optimized for 5 – 6 BB and 12 wires soldering. The module is positioned and centered inside the automatic bussing with an automatic conveyor belt system and automatic centering System. No operator required.
The machine performs automatically the soldering of the interconnections. The Automatic Bussing is configured for 60-72 cells standards modules (half cut cells provision available as optional).


  • High-performance induction soldering system;
  • Fully suitable for: M4, M5, M6 Solar cells (from 156mm to 178mm)
  • Works with: 5-6-9-12BB Multi BB and Wires;
  • Central unit for half-cut cells soldering;
  • L-shape and Overlapped ribbon capability;
  • Machine capacity up to 300MW;
  • No need of operator;
  • Cycle time: less than 30 seconds;
  • Automatic loading, centring and unloading of the PV module;
  • Number of bus bar doesn’t affect efficiency;

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