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Ecolab EL 102-103


Ecoprogetti’s electroluminescence test station expresses Ecoprogetti’s philosophy in promoting the research of new solutions and technologies to improve the quality of the product.
This machine permits the user to perform a deep extensive control of the production, permitting continuously to monitor and improve the process based on the raw material in use.
Moreover, it’s possible to have the automatic version with motorized load and unload belts.

  • Improve the process quality
  • Suitable for crystalline and thinfilm
  • Test raw material and new solutions

  • Before and after laminations
  • Dark current test
  • Sql database for data storage

For automatic version available see the PDF below

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  1. Two fixed optimized 4Mpx NIR camera;
  2. Min Module size: 450x450mm ; Max Module size: 2000x1100mm;
  3. Accuracy: 1px=0.55mm;
  4. Resolution for a complete module of 72 cells: 6.6Mpx;
  5. Exposition time: from 1s to 10s per snap;

  1. Acquisition time for a complete module: less than 20s;
  2. Power supply 50/60V 10 A;
  3. PC based software;
  4. Suitable for Crystalline module and thin-film module;


  1. Higher resolution cameras;
  2. Motorized loading/unloading system;
  3. Automatic contacting system;
  4. Different power supply for high voltage modules;
  5. Software for autodetection of failure.

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