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Ecolam 06


Automatic laminator for photovoltaic modules complete with load and unload belt.
The usable lamination area of 3200 x 2050 mm is composed of 3 plates, each of which is divided into 3 controllable thermal zones. Each zone is heated electrically with uniformity of +/-2C°.
The temperature in each zone is independent, in order to have a uniform gel content over the complete surface of the module.
The laminator has a teflon belt which loads and unloads the modules in and out from the laminator and also a teflon sheet which covers the backside of the module during the lamination cycle.

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A quick change system of the silicone membrane with clamps is installed around the external borders of the laminator. With this system the membrane change is done in less than 30 minutes and the change can be performed with the plates still in working temperature.
A long life of the membrane is guaranteed (Min. 3000 cycles)
For the vacuum system, the laminator has a booster pump installed inside the laminator and an external pump housing that includes a vacuum pump and a special condensation filter.
This special filter absorbs the gasses formed during the lamination process in order to not damage the pump and to not let out this gas in the environment.

Machine Details

Temperature range Ambient -180°C
Temperature uniformity +/- 2°C
Max thickness of laminate 25 mm
Operator control Touch screen
Usable area WxL 3200×2050 mm

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