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Ecolam 09DS


Ecoprogetti’s automatic double step laminator has a capacity of 8 photovoltaic modules per cycle.
The laminator is also suitable to process glass-glass modules of 2+2mm, 3,2+3,2mm, 4+4mm and more.
ECOLAM 09DS divides the cycle in pumping and curing time in order to double the production capacity. The usable area for each process step of 4300x2050mm is divided in 4 plates, each of which is divided in 3 controlled thermal zones in order to set up a better lamination recipe and to have a better lamination result.
The change of the silicone membrane is quick and simple thanks to the clamps around the external border of the laminator that allow fast processing times. The operation requires less than 30min and can be performed with the plates in working temperature.

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The cycle time of the lamination is linked to the used EVA, but Ecoprogetti gives support and suggestions regarding the recipe to use for the best lamination results.
The laminator is provided with an external pump housing containing an oil pump and an EVA gas filtering that absorbs the gasses formed during the lamination process in order to not damage the pump and to protect the environment. Ecoprogetti’s vacuum pump housing doesn’t require difficult maintenance operations but permits to improve the production.


  • Uniform gel content of the laminated eva guaranteed
  • Automatic teflon release sheet on both moduel sides in lamination
  • Long life membrane guaranteed (min 3000 cycles)
  • Vacuum pump housing included
  • Uniform temperature


  • Backup pump

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