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Ecolam 6040

Ecoprogetti’s lab scale laminator ECOLAM 6040 has been developed for R&D purposes in order to perform the lamination process with the same exact precision as the bigger laminators of the same series.
This unit has become very popular among raw material manufacturers that use it to develop and improve materials for the photovoltaic industry.


  • – Temperature range: From room temperature to 180 C°
  • – Temperature uniformity: 2 C°
  • – Thickness of laminate: 20 mm
  • – Operator control: Touch-screen panel
  • – Easy programmable software
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Function requirements:

Electrical 380V 3P+N+G
Peak power 6 kW
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Compressed air 6Bar


Laminator size 900x600mm
Useable area 600x400mm
Weight 400kg

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