This machine offers the possibility to create unique PV solar modules with an innovative architectural design.
ECOPRINTER colors the ribbon that was previously soldered to the PV cells. The high precision ink-jet runs along the whole string length.
Speed, ribbon size, length and number of bus bars are parameters configurable and settable from the user-friendly touchscreen operator panel.
Special inks make possible to customize the color in order to achieve special effects, like virtually invisible ribbon for either architectural use or for integration in areas with specific landscape restrictions.

  • High quality and durable printing
  • Customizable options
  • Combined painter and dryer
  • Custom recipe from touchscreen
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  1. Standard printing speed 100mm/s
  2. Customized number of bus bars
  3. Settable spot size
  4. Infrared lamp dryer

  1. Ink tank capacity: 2l
  2. Changeable color
  3. Recipe for the customization of any parameter
  4. Maximum length: 2,6m

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