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July 2, 2018
December 6, 2018


Sun simulator for Bifacial modules with double light source

Ecoprogetti is innovating once again with a New LED Sun Simulator specifically designed to automatically get the most precise and realistic results for Bifacial PV panels. Ecoprogetti’s ECOSUN Bifacial is a LED sun simulator designed to simultaneously test both sides of a bifacial module. The test is carried out in one step, with no need to move or flip the panel nor to repeat the operation. One LED unit is placed on top of the module, illuminating at 1200 W/m², and the second unit illuminates the rear side at between 100 and 1200 W/m².

The double light source system ensures a much faster testing speed for bifacial modules, testing them in just one step and simulating the final installation conditions of the modules as on the field/rooftop, where the light is coming and reflected on both sides. Being the light reflected to the rear side of the module the biggest variable, it’s important to provide to the final client the possibility to replicate as many test conditions as possible. To have a highly flexible model of the environment of installation, and therefore to arrange a high level of irradiation on the rear side is a key element for future developments for measuring the bifacial performance.



  • Light source: LED;
  • Class A+ A+ A++:
  • Non-Uniformity: less than +/-1%
  • Spectrum mis-match: less than +/-12.5%
  • Short and Long term instability: less than +/-0.125%
  • Extended Spectrum 300-1200nm, Compliant to IEC Ed.3;
  • No recharging time between the tests;
  • Software can process data for final conditions of installation;
  • 11 different LED light types to replicate the sun’s spectrum;
  • Automatic Loading/Unloading;
  • Irradiation level Front side: 1200 W/m2;
  • Irradiation level Rear side: 100-1200 W/m2;
  • Long pulse capabilities: 3 – 5s;
  • Pulse durations: 100ms – 5s;
  • Precise Electronic load for the characterization of the module with customized I-V range;
  • Calibrated pyranometer for irradiance measurements;
  • Sensor to measure the temperature of the module and the environment;
  • Uniformity constant over LED source life time;
  • Illuminated area in A+A+A++ is: 2.2 x 1.4 m ;
  • LED source life time more than 50 Million pulses;
  • SQL database for data storage;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • RFID compatible.


  • Automatic contacting
  • Customized electronic load
  • Light soaking capability
  • Bigger/smaller illuminated area
  • Extended spectrum range

The technicians and staff of Ecoprogetti srl is at your disposal for any clarification or specific questions about our PV production equipment and for the realization of your specific solution.

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