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LEDs with different wavelengths are used to cover the complete spectrum from 400 nm to 1100 nm. This allows a nearly perfect match with AM 1,5 which permits to obtain highly accurate efficiency measurements.
The cell tester is loaded manually and the cells are contacted by a dedicate probe mask to obtain the IV measurement during the light pulse.
The unit is designed to test 156 x 156 mm solar cells with 3 bus bar but it is possible to measure smaller cells or cells with different number of bus bars with minor modifications (kit available as option).
All the measurements and testing parameters are stored in a SQL database for an easy sharing and access from other PC or software.

  • Obtain the best from your cells
  • No more capacitive effects

  • Trace your measurement
  • Reduce the maintenance labour

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  1. Spectrum: AM 1.5 – Class A+;
  2. Non uniformity: +/-1% – Class A+;
  3. Stability: LTI. +/-0.125% – Class A++;
  4. Irradiation level: 200 – 1200 W/m²;
  5. Repeatability better than 99,5%
  6. Long pulse capabilities;
  7. Pulse durations: 100ms – 3s;
  8. No recharging time between the tests;
  9. 200 x 200 mm illuminated area;
  10. Cell size: Up to 6”;
  11. 2-3-4-5-6 Bus bar compatibility;
  12. Dedicated contact probe for accurate measurement;
  13. Calibrated pyranometer for irradiance measurements;
  14. Compact dimensions;
  15. Precise Electronic load for the characterization of the I-V curve

  1. Sensor to measure the temperature of the cells and the environment temperature;
  2. Uniformity constant over LED source life time;
  3. LED source life time more than 50Million pulses;
  4. SQL database to store data;
  5. Irradiance and temperature correction according to IEC 60891.


  1. Automatic load/unloading system;
  2. Optional custom electronic load;
  3. Light soaking capability;
  4. Kit for testing smaller cells or cells with different number of bus bar from the standard version.

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