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Ecosun Cell


LEDs with different wavelengths are used to cover the complete spectrum from 300 nm to 1200 nm. This allows a nearly perfect match with AM 1,5 which permits to obtain highly accurate efficiency measurements.
The cell tester is loaded manually and the cells are contacted by a dedicate probe mask to obtain the IV measurement during the light pulse.
The unit is designed to test 156,75 x 156,75 mm solar cells with 4-5-6 bus bar but it is possible to measure smaller cells or cells with a different number of bus bars with minor modifications (kit available as an optional).
All the measurements and testing parameters are stored in a SQL database for easy sharing and access from other PC or software.

  • Obtain the best from your cells
  • No more capacitive effects

  • Trace your measurement
  • Reduce the maintenance labour

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  1. Spectrum: AM 1,5 Class A+;
  2. Uniformity: ±1% Class A++;
  3. Stability: LTI. ±0,125% – Class A++;
  4. Irradiation level: 200 – 1200 W/m²;
  5. Repeatability better than 99,5%
  6. Long pulse capabilities;
  7. Pulse durations: 100ms – 3s;
  8. No recharging time between the tests;
  9. 200 x 200 mm illuminated area;
  10. Cell size: Up to 6”;
  11. 2-3-4-5-6 Bus bar compatibility;
  12. Dedicated contact probe for accurate measurement;
  13. Calibrated pyranometer for irradiance measurements;
  14. Compact dimensions;
  15. Precise Electronic load for the characterization of the I-V curve

  1. Sensor to measure the temperature of the cells and the environment temperature;
  2. Uniformity constant over LED source life time;
  3. LED source life time more than 50Million pulses;
  4. SQL database to store data;
  5. Irradiance and temperature correction according to IEC 60891 and IEC 60904-9 ED.3.


  1. Automatic load/unloading system;
  2. Optional custom electronic load;
  3. Light soaking capability;
  4. Kit for testing smaller cells or cells with different number of bus bar from the standard version.

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