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November 14, 2016
November 16, 2016


LED SUN SIMULATOR A+A+A++ with Automatic loading/unloading/contacting

ECOSUN PLUS A is the newest solution in the market for PV module testing and IV curve measurement suitable for testing all new generation’s solar modules and new high-efficiency technologies of solar cells, such as PERC, HIT, Bifacial, Back-Contact and Hybrid-Silicon Solar Cells, due to a steady-state irradiance test. Thanks to its advanced LED technology, it can be used for testing both standard crystalline solar modules and CIGS solar modules, with the possibility to perform Light Soaking for Thin-Film solar modules. The technology developed in the Sun Simulator uses LED as a light source with a lifetime equivalent to 10GW of produced modules. The latest A+A+A++ levels of uniformity, repeatability of the measurements and stability characteristics are the most advanced in the market.
ECOSUN PLUS A has an illuminated area in A+A+A++ of 2m x 1,2m, the total illuminated area is 2,2m x 1,4m, in a footprint of only 2,4m X 1,7m, and it can be customized with different dimensions. The measurements for testing the efficiency of PV modules and I-V curve with ECOSUN PLUS A can be performed without wasting time between one test and the other, thanks to the absence of recharging time.

  • Obtain the best performance from your module!
  • No capacitive effects
  • Measure your module with high accuracy
  • Trace your measurement
  • Reduce the maintenance labour
  • High throughput with a single equipment



  • Class A+A+A++ (uniformity ±1%, spectrum AM 1,5 and stable luminosity ±0,125% , 1200 W /m2);
  • No recharging time between the tests;
  • Spectrum Range: 300nm to 1200nm;
  • Compliant to IEC 60904-9 Ed.3
  • Automatic contact system
  • Automatic loading and unloading system
  • Standard pulse suggested: 100ns-200ns;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Long pulse capabilities: 3 – 5s;
  • Precise Electronic load for the characterization of the module with customized I-V range;
  • Possibility to personalize the pulses up to 30s;
  • Calibrated pyranometer for irradiance measurements;
  • Sensor to measure the module and the environment temperature;
  • Uniformity constant over LED source life time;
  • Max panel size: 2,2 x 1,4 m ;
  • LED source life time more than 50 Million pulses;
  • In-line work height 1000 mm;
  • SQL database for data storage;
  • RFID compatible.


  • Customized electronic load
  • Bigger/smaller illuminated area
  • Extended spectrum range


Voltage 18V-120V (opt: 0-500V)*
Current Current 12A-120A*
Max power 600W
Connection 4wire

*other ranges on request




To guarantee a long life of the photovoltaic module and the safety of the installation, Ecoprogetti offers an instrument which checks the electrical insulation of the modules during the production process in respect of the norm IEC 61215/61730.
The instrument permits to perform the Hi-Pot test with a maximum voltage of 6kV DC.

The technicians and staff of Ecoprogetti srl is at your disposal for any clarification or specific questions about our PV production equipment and for the realization of your specific solution.

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