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August 29, 2023
October 3, 2023


LED SUN SIMULATOR A+A+A++ for High Performance Solar Cells and Panels

Designed to meet the needs of both research labs and manufacturing, this Steady-state LED Sun simulator sets new standards for quality, durability, and efficiency. The Ecosun Steady State offers an exposure time of more than 72 hours that paves the way for testing Perovskite, tandem cells, HJT, TOPCon, and all commercially available solar cells. Dive into the details to discover how this revolutionary Steady State LED sun simulator is redefining the future of photovoltaic testing machines.

The ECOSUN STEADY STATE solution is designed to test modules and applications for continuous and long exposure tests.

  • Ideal for Perovskite tandem solar cells
  • Performs light soaking, more than 72 hours
  • Class A+A+A++, Certified by TUV Mtic iNTERCERT
  • No recharging time between tests
  • Perfect for ageing tests and soaking stabilization
  • High stability of spectrum & uniformity within 48h
  • Patented active cooling system for LED light source
  • MPPT Tracking and statistical process control


  • A+A+A++ Class: Certified technology by TÜV MTIC Intercert, ensuring accuracy and reliability in PV testing and validation;
  • Spectrum A+: 350-1200nm, AM0 tuning configuration available;
  • Uniformity A+: ± 1%;
  • Stability A++: Short and long instability < ± 0,125%;
  • Repeatability: < ± 0,1%;
  • Stable irradiance level: 200 – 1200 W/sqm;
  • Constant uniformity over LED source life time;
  • Precise Electronic load: up to 500V and 30A;
  • Temperature sensors: for Module and Environment;
  • Calibrated pyranometer: for irradiance measurements;
  • Irrandiance uniformity: <1%;
  • LED source life time: > 35.000 hours;
  • Light from the top: Yes;
  • SQL Database: with data integration possibilities;
  • Light Soaking: More than 72 hours of continuous operation at 100% light intensity with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capability;
  • Patented Cooling system for LED lightsource: Allows a lossless and continuous irradiation, ideal for high-performance cells such as Perovskite, Tandem cells, Heterojunction and TOPCon;
  • MPPT Tracking: to track the main electrical parameters, show the trends and possibility to export the data;
  • Statistical data: for production monitoring and analysis;
  • Illuminated Area in A+A+A++ class: 2300x1400mm;
  • Min. module dimension in A+A+A++ class: 1190x590mm;
  • Max. Module dimension in A+A+A++ class: 2300x1310mm;


  • Customized electronic load
  • Bigger/smaller illuminated area
  • Extended spectrum range
  • Automatic contacting

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