Fully automatic tabber and stringer machine with patented innovative hybrid soldering system which allows to solder the photovoltaic cells without thermal stress.
The machine can be interfaced with Automatic Layup Systems for an automatic Pickup & Positioning of the Solar cells on the Glass.

  • Breakage less than 0.2%
  • Patented hybrid soldering technique
  • Works with PERC, HIT, HJT, Bifacial, Mono/Poly cells, half cut cells and cut cells
  • Flipper on unload belt
  • Quick and simple production and ribbon change

  • 5-6 bus bar standard soldering
  • Works with 5”, 6” and Cut cells
  • Suitable for 5-6-12 bus bar or wires
  • Suitable for BIPV modules
  • Low cost of spare parts and consumables


standard 5&6 Bus Bar


  1. High soldering quality; more than 2N in peel test (1.5mm ribbon) over the complete cell surface;
  2. Reliable throughput with constant quality;
  3. Integrates a camera to detect the broken cells before soldering;
  4. Only one operator for three ETS700 equipped with layup station;
  5. Automatic change of solar cells’ basket;
  6. Pre and post heating of the cell in soldering phase in order to avoid thermal stress;
  7. Stretching and fluxing of the ribbon before soldering;
  8. Special design for thin solar cells, 160 µ;
  9. Adjustable tab & soldering length;
  10. Touch screen with embedded computer;
  11. Online troubleshooting thanks to ethernet connection of the machine;
  12. The number of solar cells for the string is settable from the touch-screen;
  13. Settable distance between the cells from 2 mm to 35 mm;
  14. Pre-treatment of the ribbon NOT necessary;

  1. This machine has very little need of maintenance and it can all be performed by the operator without the need of continuous interventions of Ecoprogetti’s technicians;
  2. Quick remote assistance and supervision via internet;
  3. Predisposed to be interfaced with other equipment;
  4. High precision alignment between serigraphy and ribbon performed both optically and mechanically
  5. String flipping device on the unloading belt


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