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October 31, 2016
Ecosun Cell
October 31, 2016

Gel Content Kit


A photovoltaic module is composed by a multi-layer sandwich which normally is sealed together by two sheets of EVA – Ethylene vinyl acetate.
During the lamination process the sheets of EVA polymerize by passing from solid to liquid state to become, with temperature and time, a gel. This gel guarantees that the many layers of the photovoltaic module remain sealed with time, in other word this gel content guarantees the life of the module. If the lamination process is set in a not correct way, or if the raw material is of bad quality, the percentage of gel can result too low to guarantee the quality of the product.
To check this gel percentage, a chemical test of the laminated EVA is performed. Ecoprogetti offers a complete kit for this chemical test so that the manufacturer can make this quality control in-house in an easy and secure way.


The technicians and staff of Ecoprogetti srl is at your disposal for any clarification or specific questions about our PV production equipment and for the realization of your specific solution.

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