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P.I.D. Verifications


PID is the abbreviation for Potential Induced Degradation. This phenomenon degrades the performance of the PV module during its life.
Potential Induced Degradation, as the designation implies, occurs when the module’s voltage potential and leakage current drive ion mobility within the module between the semiconductor material and other elements of the module (ex. Glass, mount and frame) thus causing the module’s power output capacity to degrade.
The ion mobility accelerates with humidity, temperature and voltage potential.
To verify the presence of this problem, Ecoprogetti has put together a kit to simulate the condition that stimulates PID in forward or reverse polarization. This kit can be used to test the module or recover it after exposure.
With this kit the module manufacturer can be more confident regarding the performance warranty given for the modules and new raw material can be tested before qualifying them for the production process.

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