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January 16, 2016
Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Equipment
October 28, 2016


The formula “pv module assembly line” means the series of machines required for manufacturing modules able to convert solar energy into electricity. These modules are assembled on specific machines, beginning with the basic components, the main ones being the photovoltaic cells, the glass, the encapsulating agent and the back sheet. By introducing these and other components into the production line, a complete module is produced ready for sale and installation. The PV module assembly line solution offers an investment for the future for any company in this field, with numerous different advantages. The following are worthy of mention:

  • the final quality of the photovoltaic module
  • the speedy return on investment thanks to the excellent quality/price ratio
  • the reduced production times for each module
  • the simple machine management
  • the precise control of each line phase

A PV module assembly line comprises four main process phases:

Tabbing and stringing the cells, lamination, finishing and quality tests. Each of these phases is linked to a machine group, with the technical features and dimensions as given in the page in the Products section. The experience we have built up in more than 25 years of business enables us to adapt and program the machines to specific customer requirements. Our leading priority is ongoing consultation with the customer: understanding their project is the first step towards defining a perfect work of art.


Ecoprogetti srl constructs and installs machines for PV module production in line or as freestanding units to be integrated in an assembly line. Installation is very fast and production can begin immediately of photovoltaic modules of any size. For further information or to consider a customised proposal, please contact us without obligation via email or phone.

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