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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


The PV module inspection is strategic for both the manufacturer and for end customer. Being aware of characteristics such as maximum power, current and the maximum voltage, the Fill Factor and others, means in fact identifying weaknesses of modules already in the production phase. The proper analysis and rating allows you to predict the behavior of the module when it will be installed and will operate, ensuring full correspondence between nominal data and related data. A sort of label check of the actual value of a product. For the end costumer – installers, individuals, freelancers –the PV module inspection gives the certainty of buying a quality device that meets the design parameters and has no manufacturing defects.

As we wrote on the page IV curve measuremen test, measuring the I-V characteristic (or I-V curve, where I is for the current generated by the light and V stands for voltage), is performed under the standard conditions of irradiation (STC) which provide: module temperature: 25°C; irradiation level: 1000 W/m²; Spectrum: AM1.5. More than a PV module inspection, therefore, we can safely speak of a real simulation, performed according unique criteria to all PV modules just out of production line. No coincidence that our I-V curve measuring machine is calledSolar Simulator Ecosun 10L, a next-generation solution for triple A class (according to standard EN60904-9 from TϋV Intercert) with LED technology that can reproduce the solar spectrum with the highest fidelity, ensuring compactness, stability, repeatability and high lifetime.


To the measurement of the I-V curve are flanked different tests for new or installed PV module inspection that can be made in total autonomy thanks to machines proposed by Ecoprogetti. Among these we remember the most important, as the electroluminescence testto obtain high-resolution images of the individual solar cells or strings of cells, or as the hi-pot test and isolation to ensure an up to expectations lifetime of photovoltaic modules and a safe installation. Again in matters of testing we point the gel content test, aimed at measuring the percentage of gel in the two sheets of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which usually consists a photovoltaic module. For more infos on our services and products, we invite interested ones to contact, without obligation by email atinfo@ecoprogetti.com or by phone at the +39 0495991959.

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