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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


In the manufacturing line for photovoltaic modules, the laminator machine is of fundamental importance in curing the EVA, to join the layers that form the module and remove all air from between them. When the materials in the photovoltaic module have been placed on the glass, they undergo a heat treatment that converts the EVA into a type of gel that encapsulates all the layers to form a very strong and compact sandwich. The result is a high quality product ready for the finishing phase before testing and installation. To make the service even faster and more complete, accessory units are available for the semiautomatic preparation of the glass, the sheets of EVA and the backsheet.

Ecoprogetti Srl produces made to measure models of photovoltaic panel laminator machines, with varying technical features, size, cost and optionals. In detail the three models are:

  1. Ecolam 05 Maxi (05 Maxi S)→ Available in the Maxi and Maxi S versions, this laminator has cutting-edge performance and assembles modules in compliance with IEC 61215 certification. The operator interacts with the touch-screen program which provides total cycle control.
  2. Ecolam 08 (08 S)→ Same features as the Maxi model (certification, touch screen controls) but with certain technical differences: the main one being that the 05 works on 3 modules at a time, while the 08 works on 4. Like the Ecolam Maxi, the Ecolam 08 and 08 S versions work with both traditional and flexible modules, with double glass, prism glass, etc.
  3. Ecolam 6040→ A very compact machine for very elementary laminating processes with an excellent quality/price ratio. Ideal for manufacturing small modules, but, above all, for testing new materials at a very convenient price.



There are more than 25 years experience in work and research behind the development of the PV laminator machines. In this time, our company has gained International renown not only for the design of the machines, but the entire photovoltaic module manufacturing chain. Counting on us means being able to rely on highly qualified and skilled engineers, ready to give you all the help and support you need. Choose quality: choose Ecoprogetti Srl.

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  1. HI SIR
    please send for me thechnical information of ecolam6040 and then performa invoice of it.

    • EcoProgetti says:

      Dear Mr. Aghamiri,

      Thank you for your interest in Ecoprogetti Equipment!
      Your request has been taken in charge, our Sales Department will be back to you as soon as possible.


  2. Jeevakumar Sundaram says:

    Dear Madalina,

    Please send me the technical information of ECOLAM 6040 PDF Catalog and Budgetary Offer in CIF at Chennai Port.

    With Regards,

    Jeevakumar Sundaram
    0091 9444902159

    • EcoProgetti says:

      Dear Mr. Jeevakumar,

      Thank you very much for your enquiry and for your interest in Ecoprogetti equipment.
      Your request has been taken in charge and forwarded to our office in India.


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