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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


A company that wants to be truly competitive in the photovoltaic field must guarantee a top quality product covered by the best standard certification, in compliance with the legislation in the home or the export country.

To obtain the main solar module certifications numerous tests are undergone, many of them compulsory. Special machines recreate the conditions of light, working stress and ageing of the modules, then the fundamental parameters are monitored, such as the IV curve (measuring the maximum power, maximum current and volts), and the way these parameters are maintained stable in the long-term is also studied. Other tests can be carried out years after the plant has been started up, to check the condition of the single photovoltaic cells and evaluate whether work needs carrying out on them. This provides upstream and downstream controls from production, aimed at guaranteeing enduring and high level performance for each photovoltaic module.

Making leverage on its decades of experience in the production of photovoltaic modules and manufacturing machinery, Ecoprogetti Srl has a range of especially designed instruments and equipment for the certification of the main types of modules currently on sale.

Our reference is the Gruppo TÜV InterCert Italia S.r.l., part of the TÜV Saarland Group, an internationally recognised board in quality certification. With very short lead times we are able to activate the TÜV laboratories for the procedures to obtain certification in compliance with the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards. Before proceeding, we carry out the general prequalification tests (electroluminescence, gel content, hi-pot, etc…), to ensure the official tests are all passed.



Pursue the certification of your solar modules is the correct strategy to stand out from the competition, offering quality products with long lasting added value, and being certain of access to all the available markets. If you wish, you can buy the prequalification machinery for the modules to enable completing the manufacturing process from the initial interconnection of the cells through to the final module testing. We are available at any time with our expertise and support to aid you in achieving your aims.

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