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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016

Published: 28 October 2016

Precision and quality with the solar module testing machine

The photovoltaic modules are tested by means of machines that simulate the conditions to overcome certain limitations established by the standards, to enable forecasting the behaviour of modules over the long-term. By means of a series of strict tests that are carried out on new or existing photovoltaic modules Ecoprogetti Srl is able to provide complete diagnostics about the state of the photovoltaic cells, any signs of wear, cracks or other problems. The tests should be carried out when the module leaves the production line, and again even years after the plant has been installed and started.

Ecoprogetti Srl manufactures, markets and supplies its customers with various types of module testing machines and appliances. Designed, programmed and constantly improved by specialized engineers with more than 25 years direct experience, Ecoprogetti Srl solutions for testing photovoltaic module quality include:

  • Ecosun 10L→ Sun simulator using LED light sources, approved by TÜV as an AAA sun simulator. Ecosun 10L measures the IV curve in each module rapidly, with high level repeatability and data tracing in compliance with STC standardised conditions.
  • Electroluminescence tester→ Technology studied for in-depth analysis of the module to identify any hairline cracks or material defects, addressed to producing higher performing modules and better set up the manufacturing process. By means of a simple check-up the user is able to test the features of the module and even of the single cells.
  • Hi-Pot Tester→ A small appliance for testing the module insulation in compliance with the IEC 61215/61730 standards. The Hi-pot test certifies the safety of the installation and endurance of the photovoltaic modules.
  • Mobile Quality Laboratory→ A van equipped with the Ecosun 10L and Ecolab 10EL machines to test the photovoltaic modules, and other smaller instruments that are useful in the field. By buying or hiring the Mobile Quality Laboratory, our customers are able to go directly into the field to test the modules totally autonomously.



Each of the solutions and machines is optimised to test the photovoltaic modules and single cells supplied by Ecoprogetti Srl with all the necessary documentation. We also offer our customers practical and theoretic training to begin their tests straight away.

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