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Solar panel production equipment and machinery

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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


Solar panel production equipment and machinery


Nowadays the solar panels production equipment is divided into the following required machinery and accessories. The first run automated processes are the stringing and lamination, but also the analysis of quality as electroluminescence tests. These and other procedures are indispensable for the correct manufacture of the module in each component. The accessories are designed in order to help manual operations before, during and after the production cycle and they also include controls and small repairs. To the machinery and solar panel production equipment are then added a series of services provided by the equipment supplier, such as training activities prior to delivery of the line, the preparation of the layout with all the indication to the operating requirements, support for the purchase of raw materials, and more.

To better understand the many facilities that interact in the solar panels production chain it’s worth taking as a model one of the Ecoprogetti “turnkey solutions”. In this instance we will use the 100 MW Line, consisting of the following equipment and accessories:

Main machinery:



Setting a production line of solar panels is a task that requires know-how and experience. The variables are different, so it’s better to organize the space according to a logic of efficiency and rationality, considering the operators, storage of materials and other requirements of the case. Aware of this, we at Ecoprogetti offer to our customers the opportunity to undergo training for the use of machinery and accessories, but above all, we give preliminary advice for the proper design of the line according to the building that the customer has available, and according to what the business objectives are. You can contact us by email or phone with no obligation or fill in the online form with your personal data. We will reply quickly with all the required information, take advantage now!



  1. ali amjadi says:

    My name is Mr Amjadi,and I am interested in setting up a turnkey pv system here in Iran and to this aim I need your help .
    As I am in the collecting information phase to submit to my bankers ,I need prices which I hope you could help me with.
    I need costs for setting up a 300MW production including training ,equipments etc and more importantly the size of land requirements.
    A quick reply would be most appreciated
    thank you in anticipation

    • EcoProgetti says:

      Dear Mr. Amjadi, thank you for your interest in our turnkey line and our services.
      Your clear request has been taken in charge by our sales department. As soon as possible you will receive a feeedback.


  2. Swapnil Fegade says:

    My self Mr. Swapnil at Maharastra
    So u can help mi to how purchsing the machinery and setup setting and how to manage that plant si held mi

    • EcoProgetti says:

      Dear Mr. Swapnil,

      Thank you very much for your enquiry and for your interest in our equipment!
      Of course we can help you set-up the equipment. Once we know your requirements we can make you the better offer that fits you necessities.

      I will forward your contact to our Sales Department in order to receive all the info you may need.

      Thank you again!

      Kind regards,


  3. JD says:

    My self Jd at uttar pradesh
    So u can help my to how purchsing the machinery and setup setting and how to manage that plant What are some basic details about the manufacturing process, investment, machinery and human resource..

    • EcoProgetti says:

      Dear Jd,

      Thank you for your interest on Ecoprogetti’s services!
      I’ll be more than glad to forward your request to our Indian office, in order to provide all the desired info.
      We can surely help you with the equipment, the setup and all the managing needs. Once we know your requirements we can make you the best offer fitting your necessities.

      Kind regards,

  4. Eric Jean says:

    I am Eric and I am interested in setting up a turnkey pv system here in Burkina-Faso (West Africa). Therefore I need some information from you.
    – a quote for 300 Mw production including training, equipments
    – quote for a ful set of production line
    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Eric Jean

  5. Mohanish hande says:

    Hello, myself manish from India. Can you please provide me all the details regarding cost estimates for 25MW line plant. Also the requirement of manpower,space and anything that needed for manufacturing plant.

  6. Bill thomason says:

    I’m looking for equipment to build a plant in south Texas. We currently own the property and are looking at a first phase of 150 to 250 MW

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