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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016

Published: 20 July 2016

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Thanks to solar panel manufacturing machines it’s possible to realize a quality product optimizing costs and timescales. Flexibility and performance are the distinguishing features of all our turnkey production lines. The solar panel manufacturing machines, customizable in whole or in part, provide the right level of automation depending on the business needs. The new models suggested by Ecoprogetti are able to produce from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 100 MW solar panels each year for every single line, with a low number of workers and a reject rate of less than 0.3%. To achieve higher capacities is sufficient to install more lines in parallel, keeping the production area tidy and efficient. Read on to find out the technical features of our machines!

The principal machines used to manufacture solar panels differ according to the size of the line and the priorities of the company. In the case of the Ecoprogetti 20 and 40 MW / year production lines, the list of equipment comprises:

Concerning 60 MW/year solar panels manufacturing machines, the number of solar stringers rises to 3. At the beginning of the cycle, some machines, which increase efficiency standards, are added. In particular, after the layup machine with optical tests and I-V integrated we find the machine for the realization of the automatic bussing on PCB and the machines for cutting and distributing sheets of EVA and back-sheet. In addition, the solar laminator includes a double-step while the framing machine becomes a robotic island for trimming and framing.
From autumn 2014 we also launched a line of solar panel manufacturing machines with a capacity of 100 MW / year, with three different levels of automation depending on the needs of production:

  1. Smart: entry-level version with all the main machines and some manual tasks;
  2. Gold: the best compromise between automation and flexibility. In this case, the depreciation charge is optimal;
  3. Premium: fully automatic version to minimize the number of operators.

In general, the greater the capacity of the solar panels manufacturing line is, the greater is the level of automation recommended. Let’s talk now about the extra components that complement the different lines.


In addition to individual machines assembled in 20, 40, 60, or 100 MW/year lines, Ecoprogetti offers its customers services and accessories for proper solar panels manufacturing. These include the machine for the cutting and the preparation of the Ribbon, the light tables for head realization and for optical controls, handling systems, conveyors, the tables to repair the strings of damaged photovoltaic cells. In terms of services, we assist the client in the training process before and after the delivery of the machines, forming workers and ensuring full and on-going support for any need.

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