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October 28, 2016
The automating PV module assembly
October 28, 2016


The solar module manifacturing process is performed at an industrial level by special machines which assemble the various parts semi-automaticly. Today the standard practice includes the construction of production lines that can handle the entire solar module manifacturing process. These lines are not equal at all but differ in their choice of machine, the number of MW and of photovoltaic modules produced each year / hour and numerous other parameters. The solar module manifacturing process starts already from the choice of materials, with the use of machines for cutting the rolls of encapsulant and bachksheet. After thet, the lacing, the arrangement of the glass, the welding of the heads through a ribbon (done manually in the standard lines), the preparation for the lamination and the test, and then the proper rolling process, the framing and the j-box application.

At the end of the line there will be a series of tests and measurement, such as testing insulation and dielectric strength called Hi-Pot and electroluminescence tests to check the quality of construction (for more details see the article How to manifacture a photovoltaic module). We at Ecoprogetti know well the solar module manifacturing process phases and we have developed for each step the most optimal solutions. In 2015 we redesigned the layout based on our production lines, with particular attention to three aspects: the optimization of movements from one step to another, maximizing the number of operators and improving quality control. The result? 4 production lines to meet every need. Let’s find them out together.


Our production lines are designed to meet the highest standards of quality in the photovoltaic industry. The proposed solutions include 4 different lines, of 20, 45, 70 and 100 MW of equivalent power produced every year. Each line is also distinguished by the number of modules manufactured per hour (from 9,7 to 42), by the number of operators necessary for the operation of the line (from 5 to 10), by the square meters of surface area occupied by the installation (from500 to 1120), by the kw consumed per hour and so on. In addition to these lines, you can request customized solutions to suit your business needs. For more information about our products and the solar module manifacturing process, please contact us with no obligation by email or phone.

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