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October 28, 2016
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December 13, 2016


The LED Sun simulator for solar panel testing proposed by Ecoprogetti is called Ecosun Plus and has been designed to perform, in a semi-automatic mode, accurate quality tests based on artificial irradiation and therefore the reproduction of the standard condition in which the module works(STC): module temperature of 25°C, irradiation level of 1200 W/m² and spectrum equivalent to the value of AM1.5. Thanks to the LED’s high efficiency, the solar irradiance is re-created in similar conditions, simulating solar spectrum in accordance with the IEC60904 standards ed.2 and ed.3. The LED Sun Simulator for solar panel testing made by Ecoprogetti has also obtained and doubled the prestigious classification of triple AAA class from TϋV Intercert, overcoming all the maximum levels specified in the legislation and reaching the level A+A+A++, as a further confirmation of the quality and reliability of modules tests and measurements.

Among the many variables, Ecosun Plus sun simulator measures the IV curve, an important parameter in order to read the power and efficiency of the module. The same simulator provides immediate feedback and excellent stability, with the opportunity to repeat the tests with no waste of time between a test and another. In other words, the sun simulator for solar panel testing not only allows to check modules quality but is also essential to verify eventual power losses in the finished modules. Ecosun Plus, also, can be used with all types of photovoltaic modules, from the crystalline to the “thin-film”, for back-contact cells and for all the new upcoming technologies of high-efficiency cells present in the market as PERC, HIT, MWT, bifacial and Hybrid-Silicon Solar Cells.


One of the great strengths of Ecoprogetti’s sun simulator for solar panel testing is its flexibility of use. It is, in fact, planned a dual-use stand-alone mode (island) or integrated into production lines of varying scope. Our turn-key solutions from 20 to 100 MW, for example, always include among the main machinery an Ecosun Plus sun simulator, whose management is made even easier with the advanced software embedded in the product. In order to help companies engaged in the production of solar panels to improve their standards, we at Ecoprogetti offer a complete service that goes beyond the simple advice and includes staff training sessions directly on-site and ongoing support from a distance of years after the purchase. Contact us for our best quotation offer!


  1. anand says:

    send quote and a note on LED class A+A+A

  2. anand says:

    send quote and a note on LED class A+A+A

  3. EcoProgetti says:

    Dear Mr. Anand,

    Thank you very much for your interest in Ecoprogetti’s equipment.
    Your request has been turned to the cornerned office which will provide all the information you need.

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