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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016


The first phase in a photovoltaic module manufacturing line is joining the solar cells, which is done by a solar tabber and stringer, a totally automatic machine able to optimise the very delicate phase of stringing and tabbing. The cells are joined to each other by a flat ribbon to form the typical strings that then go to form the photovoltaic module. Mechanical and thermal stress is reduced to a minimum, with a cell breakage percentage of less than 0.3%. By purchasing a solar tabber and stringer, your company will reduce working time and maximise performance of the entire photovoltaic module manufacturing line.

Ecoprogetti Srl offers its customers the ET700 3B solar tabber and stringer, a high performance machine with a welding capacity of 720 cells/hour (for strings of 10 cells measuring 156 mm). Not only is the process very fast but also of excellent quality, thanks to the hybrid technology with hot air welding designed by Ecoprogetti Srl. The process is programmed on a touch screen: just a few touches to set the entire cycle and begin large scale production. To make the work by the ET700 3B even more complete, Ecoprogetti Srl has developed the Ecolayup 100, a machine that places the strings assembled by the ET700 3B onto the glass support, which has already been prepared with a sheet of EVA (encapsulating) and then moves onto the lamination phase. The Ecolay Up 100 can work with one up to three stringers, with a notable increase in production capacity.



Each solar tabber and stringer is designed in compliance with the specific agreements and needs of the end customer. Low maintenance coupled with extreme flexibility enables linking the single unit as and when required. By adding one or two ET700 3B tabbers and stringers, for example, production can increase to 1,400 or even 2,100 cells/hour. After we have delivered and installed the machinery, we are in constant contact with you and available for any assistance you need, providing the guidelines to correctly use each product.

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  1. I have an offer from britain for 150 mw production line. Would you like to offer the price for the same line.
    best regards
    hamid sadeghipour

    • EcoProgetti says:

      Dear Hamind,

      Thank you so much for your interest in Ecoprogetti’s production lines.
      Your request has been forwarded to our Sales Department.

      Kind Regards,

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